Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I haven't blogged in a while because I don't have a camera. A knitting blog without pictures is really, really boring. So until I get a new camera or whatever, this post will make it so my blog isn't completely dormant.

My friend Brittany Ankrom snapped a few pictures of me in my knitwear last week in the studio.

Here is the scrap scarf I finished a while ago. I'm in love with it.

Old news, I made this sweater years ago. I'd say I wear this more than any other sweater I've knit.

A new picture of Annie's sweater, plus the flower I wear in my hair a lot.

This sweater is currently in the works, for my roommate Deanna. I made it up in class and the pattern is really straight forward. When I make another I will surely put the pattern up here.

Take care!

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dandelionpicker said...

Your hair is freakin' awesome. Jealous!