Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My house gets kitchier by the day.

We (I) keep finding these treasures. When I move out I will need a separate load so these marvelous ceramic creatures don't break.


Tchotchke love!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

I know I've been absent

I know I have been absent. I know I have been wearing too much clothing and not knitting enough.


Actually, I am knitting. A ton. I am knitting hat after hat for my upcoming craft show with my friend Jamie. I wrote up this pattern today- Rosa, this one is for you!


H hook
About 150+ yards of worsted weight. I used Malabrigo. If these instructions don't make sense, shoot me a comment and I will gladly help.

Ch 6, join with slip stitch in the first stitch.
Ch1, sc 15 in ring, join with sl
(Ch3, sk 2 sc, sc 1) 5x
(In ch 3 space, sc1, hdc1, 2dc, 1tr, ch 1, 1 tr,, 2dc hdc1, sc1, slip stitch in sc of round before. Ch 10 and sl in same space) 5x
break yarn
join yarn in any ch1 space. (Ch2, sc5 in ch10 space. Ch 2, sc1 in ch1 space between trs of petal.)5x, join
ch3, (dc2 in each ch2 space, dc 2, dc2 in next stitch, 2dc) around, join
You should have 50 dcs.
Ch3, (dc 4, dc2 in next stitch) around, join.
Ch3, (dc 5, dc2 in next stitch) around, join
Ch3, (dc 6, dc2 in next stitch) around, join
Ch3, (dc 7, dc2 in next stitch) around, join
Ch3, Dc 2 rounds plain
Ch3, (dc7, dec) around, join
Ch3, (dc6, dec) around, join
Ch3, (dc5, dec) around, join
Ch3, (dc4, dec) around, join
Ch 2, (hdc3, dec) around, join
Hdc 2 rows plain
Sc 1 round.




Uh...and how much do sequins RULE?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New additions to the SAND Castle

Well, our TV broke. I took it apart, hoping to find some ON/OFF switch accidentally toggled. That wasn't the case. The TV was from 1996.

...So what does this brilliant babe do? Go out and get an even OLDER set.
For free. Off the internet.

In my defense, I did not KNOW this is the TV I was getting. The ad said it was a floor model, and for some reason I thought this meant it was used at a store. Yea, I know.


Jill and I arrived at our destination after I bone-head-ed-ly drove 30 minutes out of the way. I expected to fit it in the back seat of my trusted 02' Camry. The family laughed at me.

Luckily, these people were about the nicest people I could have ever imagined. They even threw in an extra, smaller TV and a birdcage I'd offhandedly declared liking.

They offered up their bungee chords, straps and blankets to make sure the TV got to our house unharmed.

We needed like 2.5 dudes to lift it.


It really does belong in our house, where most of the technology is from the late 70s.
(Our trendy mac-books aside)


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Polka dots.

Courtesy of Laura, but I love this picture.