Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New additions to the SAND Castle

Well, our TV broke. I took it apart, hoping to find some ON/OFF switch accidentally toggled. That wasn't the case. The TV was from 1996.

...So what does this brilliant babe do? Go out and get an even OLDER set.
For free. Off the internet.

In my defense, I did not KNOW this is the TV I was getting. The ad said it was a floor model, and for some reason I thought this meant it was used at a store. Yea, I know.


Jill and I arrived at our destination after I bone-head-ed-ly drove 30 minutes out of the way. I expected to fit it in the back seat of my trusted 02' Camry. The family laughed at me.

Luckily, these people were about the nicest people I could have ever imagined. They even threw in an extra, smaller TV and a birdcage I'd offhandedly declared liking.

They offered up their bungee chords, straps and blankets to make sure the TV got to our house unharmed.

We needed like 2.5 dudes to lift it.


It really does belong in our house, where most of the technology is from the late 70s.
(Our trendy mac-books aside)



spookyguts said...

LOVE IT. good find sarah. congrats on your oldies.

dandelionpicker said...

Those are awesome tv's! I had one in my first apartment (back in '96! lol) and even when it broke, I sat my new tv on top of it cause I loved it so much!

VENA CAVA said...


red newsom said...

that is one awesome looking television :)