Monday, August 16, 2010

I am knitting again!

I am going to post more. I don't have a camera, but I'll make due.

It seems weird to say, but sometimes I get a bit too hyped up to knit. I have so much energy sometimes that it is hard to sit down and create instead of running my crazy mouth all the time. But the thing is, sitting down, breathing in and out with my stitching helps me calm down. So lets see if being obsessed with knitting again helps out my senior year of college. Crazy, huh?

Either way, I quit working my shitty big-box retail job and started working as the devil herself. I kid, but pretty much. I do push-polls. For republicans.

Photo 246

But I can knit. So, it I am a productive devil at least.

This sweater is Sonnet from an old issue of Knitty. I am knitting it with Louisa Harding 'Hulda' I bought at Tuesday Morning. Did you know they had nice yarn there? Maybe it is hit or miss.

I am doing 2 rows of each color and doing bits of seed stitch instead of the recommended box stitch. I should have enough to finish the sweater, but I might have to skimp on the sleeves. Maybe I will make one sleeve cream and the other brown? Decisions, decisions

But I am happy to making these kinds of decisions again.

Stay tuned.

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sassyskeleton said...

I'm glad you're knitting again! And I understand the too-hyped-up-to-sit-down-and-do-something-productive feeling. I've been like that all summer which is why I haven't written a damn thing. Bahh