Thursday, January 13, 2011

You say its your birthday....

Well, yesterday was. It was a little bit bummer: my car wouldn't start, overwhelming classes and one of my dad's dogs died. It ended up better, AAA and Ashton saved the day.

Either way, I finished Annie's REAL TALK mittens. I used size 5s with a worsted weight so they are really really stiff and warm.

I used Debbie Stoller's new yarn, Full o' Sheep. So far, I am really impressed with her yarns. I am using Alpaca Love for my Beatnik, so I've tried most of them. Full o' Sheep reminds me a lot of Lamb's Pride worsted weight, but better because it doesn't have that annoying alpaca element that sheds everywhere. The colors are super saturated and awesome.

Photo 341

In case you don't know what REAL TALK MEANS (and you probably shouldn't if you are a sane individual) listen to this gem of modern music.

Photo 342

I found this Free People dress at VDO. I love it. I wore it with my zany and colorful OKM sweater and my new thrifted boots. My friend Adam and I found them at Unique thrift. They are fur lined and so majestic- we declared it BOOT DAY.

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KnitXcorE said...

yeah, debbie stoller's yarns are rilly nice! (a good sub for brown sheep!)