Monday, May 18, 2009

Dexter, finally finished

After about 8 billion years, I have finally finished Dexter.


I had a lot of problems with this sweater, every single one of them my own fault. There is nothing wrong with the pattern. There is something wrong with me. I got the wrong gauge, made the wrong size the first time. I must have started this sweater 4 times before I got it right.

After blocking it, the sweater became a bit too wide. I'm going to remedy this soon by placing ties on the inside to cinch the back a little bit.


I knit the flower flat and seamed it up until that point. After than, I used the magic loop method to complete them.


The buttons are from Ohio Knitting Mills, a really cool place you should probably check out if you like sweaters and vintage fashion.


As you can tell, I am back in sunny Cleveland, Ohio for the summer. I don't move into my own place for another 97 days. Not that I am counting or anything.

Today, I am starting another Coachella with more yarn from my grandma. I am using Berocco Gem in a not hideous color. I am making an extra small and I might run out of yarn. I guess if it is cute enough I will track down another ball.

Photo 157

I am trying to do a lot of personal knitting while I can, because in a few days (hopefully not that many more) I will be starting work on the test/sample knitting.

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Annie said...

that Coachella sweater you made before was vomitrocious, and if you wore it out you would have to be quarantined with George and his bloody nose