Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ugliest thing ever

Photo 150

This is Coachella, knit in Berocco Suede Tri-color. My grandma gave me a whole mess of yarn, and the pattern calls for it. It is a real shame the color is so ugly. All I can hope is that when I wear it is so ugly it can only be called bohemian.

I should have made an XS. My bust measurement is about 37.5, so I made a 36. It is too big. I'll make the 32 next time. In a less hideous color.

It might be cute with the right outfit, but not now. This sweater is the literal color of vomit.

Photo 148

I am well aware this is not the right bra.

Photo 147

...oh yea and I got a test knitting job. I am on my way to knit celebritydom. Now is your chance to say you were a fan before I became too mainstream.


Annie said...


Hannah Tatar said...

i like the pattern- how was it to knit?

who are you testing for?!?!?! OKM???


AnnaNigma said...

Haha I actually really like the color...