Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday Knits

My girl Nikki turned 20 today, and requested a floppy mustard yellow hat. I bought this yarn at Unique Thrift over the summer, it is Lopi! Imagine that.



As I said, it is super floppy.

My girl Christina turns 20 in a few days as well, so I knit her this scarf lengthwise using leftover yarn. I crocheted ruffles into the purl bumps.



I like it, I hope to make more of them soon.


I know I said before that I hate Berocco Gem, and I still kind of do. Once you drop a stitch with that yarn, you have a split second before the whole thing unravels in knots at your feet. I had a vision for a triangular scarf, so I improvised with this little scarf.


When I finished it, I realized it belonged to my friend Ana.


...She'll rock it with one of the pins my mother forced upon her.

More stuff soon!


Christine McVie rules.


spookyguts said...

wow. looks great.
oh and good choice with the fleetwood mac youtube. ha!

Bri Z. said...

i love them all. especially the last little triangle scarf. i think you should make me one :)

ana said...

thank you much for my scarf! i feel it does suit me quite well and i can't get over how much i love the yarn