Monday, November 30, 2009

Craft Show

This weekend, my friend Jamie and I set up a booth at a local craft show.



The craft show ran next to some free christmas tree festival that drew a lot of people. Unfortunately, the $2 admission fee kept many people away.

Not many people were making money, and a lot of people left. The people next to us left early so we expanded our booth on the last day.


I basically made enough money to eat, drive and have a booth.


It wasn't all bad, Jamie and I both got a lot of knitting done.

I traded hats for some really cool stuff made by other local artists.


The women who made these were super cool, they even invited Jamie and I to come over to their studio to learn how to make them!


I am pretty much in love with my new light switch plate. All the stuff this guy makes is awesome. If I had a buncha money I'd buy a mirror or two, it reminds me of dripping metal. Defitintly worth checking out.


My mom and both of my grandmothers showed up, which was cool. I was lucky enough to snap a picture of me and Adele Berry. As you can see, she is wearing a scarf I once made her.

All in all, I think I will do another craft show as long as I can guarantee a young, hip crowd. My target market is really composed of people like my friends and I. (Although my friends don't really count, they usually get this stuff for free.) I met really cool local artists and got to make fun of a lot of corny country art. So even though I did not make very much money at all, it is worth another try. This time, however, I will try to ensure that each piece is really special.

In other news, I am going to rearrange my life. It starts with conquering this: