Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tis the season... knit like crazy for my family.

Photo 185

These socks are for my dad. When the yarn store I worked at went out of business, he was nice enough to put up a lot of money for me to buy a lot of nice yarn for wholesale prices. So, basically I got about 800 dollars worth of cashmere, silk, mohair and other glorious fibers you can't find at Joann.

As a result, he and my stepmother are getting super super fancy knitted gifts.

Sometimes, people ask me where I buy my yarn. Nowadays, I tell them I am set until the apocalypse. I am only half kidding. I'm sure you knitters know, that sometimes you just "have" yarn. Yarn that you certainly did not buy, yarn that just kind of appeared in your house one day.


sarah san said...

you are such a little knitter.
and i love it.

Trisha said...

i just found a tube of mohair "yarn" small enough to threat through a needle. "where are you from, tiny little yarn?" i never got a straight answer.