Saturday, October 6, 2007

I should be studying..

...and I was about 40 seconds ago. I just need a little break.

A few days ago was the Habitat for Humanity Sleep Out, to maximize homeless awareness.

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A few of my friends and I spent about two hours building the perfect house of boxes. It could have easily slept 5 people.

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It was amazing.

But then at 3am, while I was sleeping two drunk guys ran through our house, trampling it into the ground.
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Mostly, I was disoriented due to being woken up, but Tiffany was angry and ran after the guys. I gathered up all of my blankets and went back to my dorm. I felt sort of guilty abandoning the fort like that, but I couldn't take it. I know the exercise was to get a feel for homeless life, so going back to my bed seemed wrong, because obviously homeless people can't do the same. But seriously, who the hell is drunk? It was a Tuesday night! Fuck college.

Last weekend, a yarn store near my house was having a closing sale. All yarn was 40 percent off, and magazines were only a dollar. Normally, I avoided shopping there because they mostly carried fancy stuff that was usually about 50 dollars or more a skein. A lot of times they had cascade 220 for 5 dollars. I don't know where I will get my cascade fix from now on.
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In fact, when I got there, only two colors of cascade were in stock. Thankfully, they went together nicely, and I'm currently using it for a pair of socks for my dad. I also bought 2 skeins of that nice ruffle yarn that I've been dying to use for a while now. On top of that, I bought a skein of veregated Plymouth Encore Worsted, and a few issues of Knit1, Knitscene and Interweave Knits. I'm pretty sure I have every issue of Knit1 ever now.

Also, I finished another Knitty Forecast, using some kind of bulky wool from my stash.
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it came out rather small, so I might give it to a cousin of mine whose six. Yes, it's that small.

Blah Blah Blah...

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Ilix said...

Just checking out the rest of the blog.... noticed the foliage hats, those are great! I think I will have to try one out! Thanks for sharing