Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cloud Bolero for Annie

I made this for Annie after she presented me with four balls of Lion Cashmere Blend. I'd always wanted to use it, but for $8.99 an 84 yard ball, ONLY 14% cashmere, plus NYON it wasn't ever worth it. Hell, malabrigo is 11 for 216 yards of PURE merino.
The pattern can be found here:

All in all, an easy knit I suggest using straight needles or the stitch markers tend to leap over the yarn overs and mess up the lace and stitch counts.

I used a size 13 to get the correct gauge.






Nikki said...

Very cute!

and I love your argyle socks!

dandelionpicker said...

Hellllllooooooooo are you still out there?! I miss your posts!