Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm baaack!

I didn't die. I just got really caught up with school work.
Anyways, here are a few things that I've finished since I dropped off of the face of the earth::

A ruffley ascot!
I made it out of ONline Linie 194 Solo, and used 2 skeins. I believe I used 12 stitches? One side is pink, the other is purple. I made it in two pieces and sewed them up.


It's great yarn, but very expensive. I got it 40% off, so it wasn't that bad.

Also, I finished my rusted root. I used 3 skeins of lambs pride cotton flece. it's really light and summery.

Notice how the neckline gets wonky because of the lace pattern? Thats because I am a colossal idiot. I noticed online, everyone had a ribbed neckline. Since the pattern didn't BEGIN with this, i assumed it was some mod that mostly everyone had done.

I thought I was soooo much smarter. "Oooohhhhh.....I'll just cast on and rib for a bit before! What an easier way!!!!"

I got the end, and it told me to pick up stitches for the neckline.


Now my neckline is all wonky and everyone who FOLLOWED the directions has a nice scoop neck. It didn't occur to me that sometimes designers have reasons for seemingly silly steps.
Since the picture, I have slip stitched around the neckline and it's a tad bit better, but still wonky. Oh well...

At least this microspun crochet baby hat for my little BROTHER came out cute!

Within the next month, look for:
Strawbeary from Amigurumi! by Beth Dougherty
Daisy baby sweater from knitty
A malabrigo cardigan
...and parts of a knit garden I am helping a friend with.


dandelionpicker said...

I still like the rusted root, it turned out really cute! So did your little brother's hat...and your little brother awwwwww!

Your hair is awesome. I have naturally curly hair too, but I always want everyone else's curls, mine don't behave!

Glad you're back! See, I just had to give you a little guilt trip to get you to post!

I, have been doing no knitting at all. I really do want to start again soon though. I'm on a yarn diet and it sucks!

Joan [] said...

i have the same exact scarf from the same exact yarn! i have never ever worn it was fun to make.