Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dexter problems.

As wonderful a sweater I think it will be, I am sure having trouble.
My row gauge is way off, I wouldn't have room for the bottom plaid even if I wanted it.
I can only pick up about 180 stitches for the button band, instead of the 370 or so the pattern calls for.
I made a medium, tried it on and had to unravel about 400 yards or so and start all over with a small.

Photo 144

I'm adjusting the pattern everywhere because of this. It is my own fault and there is nothing wrong with the pattern. Even with all of my troubles, I suspect I will be among the first people on Ravelry to finish.

The colors look amazing, and I am very pleased with them

If I make it through, I am sure I will wear this sweater everyday of my life until I die.

Stay tuned.

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