Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Taiyo...

When this colorway of Noro Taiyo came into Miss Chickpea's, I knew I had to make a model out of it. Because spring is coming up, we needed something to display. I have made a Cloud Bolero before for Annie, and I wanted to try the pattern again with a more interesting yarn. Noro Taiyo fit the bill, it is made of cotton, wool, silk and nylon. It is very lightweight and ranges from a worsted to a bulky. And of course, Noro has amazing colors.

I used #13 straight needles. Last time I knit it, I discovered that when I used a cicular needle, the yarn overs would jump over my stitch markers and cause the lovely wave pattern to get kind of wonky. This time, I only had to start over once.


A very quick knit, and highly recommended. I plan on making one for myself out of stash yarn.

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