Thursday, March 26, 2009

I finished my socks!

I am finally finished with these socks,


...and I love them.


I love the twisted stitches and the way the pattern continues onto the heel.


I used US#2's and Pagewood Farm Glacier Bay Hand Dyed Sock Yarn purchased at Miss Chickpeas Funky Fibers.

The first sock went smoothly, the second one not so much. I ripped it back at least three times. I kept forgetting to use the flat chart and not the round one.


I don't know if I've ever blogged this, but I often wear this flower in my hair. I'm thinking about writing up a pattern soon or start selling them.

That picture shows the red my mother put in my hair when I got it cut. It is pretty subtle and suits my style and fair complexion.


The other night, I wore this to a party:
Picture 1

Nikki made the skirt from the leftovers from a vintage dress she hemmed for me. It was originally floor length and looked like Cher had thrown up on it. The green shirt is from gabes, along with the black leggings and gold shoes.

That's all for now!
Progress pictures of Dexter coming soon...


AnnaNigma said...

Is that skirt from the angry flower fight dress?? (Do you remember the dress I'm talking about?)

Hannah Tatar said...

lovelovelove the flower...can we have a flower workshop soon? i.e. "callin gall crafters- bring your scraps to designated coffeeshop and spend an evening being youthful and hilarious together. evening will result in high spirits and a fabulous flower headband." can we do this?