Saturday, August 1, 2009

Almost done!

Good news! I am about 2 hours away from being done with my gig as a test knitter! I can knit stuff for myself, Annie and my *new* apartment.

Today was the last day of our sale, so I stocked up on yarn majorly. I bought yarn for 2 vests and an afghan. Expect pictures soon, also of the new desk I painted for my new room.

But in clothing news:

Photo 170

I bought this dress at VDO, and aside from a small red stain, it is perfect. I am in love with the collar and green stripes.


I wore this slightly ridiculous get-up to a party the other day. Yes, those are vintage gold-studded furry leopard print high-waisted hot-shorts. I might be their only fans.


These are the only shoes I will ever need again. They make the best clicking noises, and are the prefect blend of femininity and masculinity. They were 3 dollars or so at Unique Thrift.

Okay. Done spending money forever.

Oh, and that table? It's at the city dump. I never want to look at grout again.

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Annie said...

can't wait for my custom sweater!!!