Monday, August 31, 2009

I haz the internetz

After a week without, we finally have the internet at the new place. I took a few pictures and my room is really messy. They will just have to do for the time being.


My room! I am in love.

My closet it ginormous. I can fit my dresser AND bookcase in there with room to spare.




The door open inward and pissed me off endlessly. I took it off the hinges and crocheted this curtain from coned yarn from OKM. I really love it.


More pics of the JFK/"The John" bathroom soon, but this will have to do. The orange paper is my idea of a funny joke. Well, Alfred's too.

Clothing wise, I have begun to wear this really rad leather jacket I scored at the Ohio City-wide garage sale this summer. It broke the bank at 5 dollars. If you can't tell, it is really fitted. It is brown with a really wide collar.

Photo 166

Photo 167

Last night, it got really cold. I think this is wonderful, because to me it mark a clear transition between summer and fall. Cold means I better crack down. I wore this to my first day of classes. I began thinking about all of my past "first days" and how they compare and progress as time goes on. I liked this one.

Oh yea and kitting and I aren't speaking.

Tis all for now.

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Bri Z. said...

your room looks awesome. i am jealous of your closet space. do we have the same sheets? (lime green jersey knit) haha