Monday, July 16, 2007

I am a dinghead.

I biked to work today, and left my house at 9:55 for work at 11am. Why do i always forget it's only a 20 minute bike ride, and not the North Pole?
Needless to say, i was very early.

So i get home, and drive to the bookstore. I headline straight to the music section, so see if they had the Harry and the Potters CD that I've been wanting since, well last night when they were introduced to me. They didn't.
Naturally, I then checked out the knitting section. I ended up sitting down with a Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book, and laughing my head off. I hightail it to the register, where I promptly realize that I left my wallet in my home.

I get home, and as soon as i walk in the door i am greeted with a weird burning smell. Before i left, I'd put some sort of Pizza-Bite thing i found in the freezer into the toaster oven.
It was burnt to a crisp.

I am such a dinghead.

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