Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Sock Virgin No More

I finished these a few days ago.
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I bought ONE SKEIN of Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton while on Vacation to New York City. I bought it at The Yarn Tree, an all natural fiber shop in Brooklyn. It was 20% off, i loved the color and couldn't resist it. I had spent so long deciding on what to buy, that the shop owner offered the people i was with a beer.

Anyways, I was flipping through the Sports issue of Knit 1 magazine, and noticed the socks I'd been meaning to make for a long time required just ONE SKEIN of the EXACT YARN That i bought in Brooklyn!

They have a seed stitch cuff, and a cool hologram-ish button to hold them in place. They are more of a slipper sock, but i can't wait to wear them because they are my first. Socks anyway.
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I used to be against sock knitting, because I didn't see the point in spending time on something that just goes on your feet in the end. I sort of still don't understand it's appeal. On the other hand, theres something so utilitarian about it. Knitting for function.

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